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52 Week Photography Challenge (2023)

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My 52 Week Photography Challenge is a project in which I’ll take a photo once a week for an entire year but also includes what has gone into the shot. The challenge’s goal is to improve one’s photography skills, be more creative, and document the passage of time.

Weekly Photography Challenge

Week #DeadlineSubjectTechnique
17 Jan 2023Self-portraitAperture priority
214 Jan 2023LandscapeAuto Exposure
321 Jan 2023Black and whiteBokeh
428 Jan 2023MacroBracketing
54 Feb 2023ArchitectureBulb mode
611 Feb 2023MotionCandid photography
718 Feb 2023AnimalsCapture motion
825 Feb 2023FoodChiaroscuro
94 Mar 2023PortraitComposition
1011 Mar 2023Night photographyContinuous shooting
1118 Mar 2023ReflectionDepth of field
1225 Mar 2023WaterDynamic range
131 Apr 2023ActionExposure compensation
148 Apr 2023SilhouetteFilters
1515 Apr 2023Still lifeFlash
1622 Apr 2023Sunrise/sunsetFocal length
1729 Apr 2023Street photographyFocus stacking
186 May 2023TravelGolden hour
1913 May 2023CloudsHigh dynamic range (HDR)
2020 May 2023NatureISO
2127 May 2023SunsetLong exposure
223 Jun 2023FlowersManual focus
2310 Jun 2023SunriseManual mode
2417 Jun 2023PatternsMatrix metering
2524 Jun 2023TreesMerging exposures
261 Jul 2023LinesMidday lighting
278 Jul 2023ShadowsMinimum focus distance
2815 Jul 2023PeopleNegative space
2922 Jul 2023BuildingsNight photography
3029 Jul 2023SunlightPanning
315 Aug 2023SkyPanorama
3212 Aug 2023Abandoned placesPerspective
3319 Aug 2023TexturesPhotojournalism
3426 Aug 2023ColourfulPortrait photography
352 Sep 2023BeachPrime lens
369 Sep 2023MountainsProcessed images
3716 Sep 2023ForestsRaw files
3823 Sep 2023LakesRed-eye reduction
3930 Sep 2023RiversReflections
407 Oct 2023CityscapesRule of thirds
4114 Oct 2023Rural areasShallow depth of field
4221 Oct 2023AbstractShutter priority
4328 Oct 2023Close-upSingle-lens reflex camera (SLR)
444 Nov 2023wide angleSlow sync flash
4511 Nov 2023PanoramicSnapshot
4618 Nov 2023Portray emotionSoft box
4725 Nov 2023Lead linesSpot metering
482 Dec 2023SymmetryTelephoto lens
499 Dec 2023Rule of thirdsTilt-shift
5016 Dec 2023Negative spaceTime-lapse
5123 Dec 2023CompositionTripod
5230 Dec 2023Creative editingWide angle lens
MaxyPhoto 52 Week Photography Challenge

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