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  • Aria’s Christening – Event Photographer Sydney

    Aria’s Christening – Event Photographer Sydney

    Love this shot – it captures the occasion – “she never cries like that” says new mum Elena. No matter what the shoot we’re always looking for that one shot that captures the moment! I had the pleasure of photographing the christening of baby Aria – daughter of Elena and James at Saint Petka Macedonian […]

  • α – alpha meta artwork #1

    α – alpha meta artwork #1

    This morning back in the studio to explore my virtual photography/ art – very subtle Rembrandt lighting on alpha.

  • Portrait of an Artist

    Portrait of an Artist

    Back in the photo studio mode this week and a break away from all the virtual production tech to just shoot some beautiful natural portraits. Just a few lights, a beautiful model and no editing required. The talented @shararose_ & my trusty old TE Artist @matonguitars Music is so much a part of our lives […]

  • Virtual Photography

    Virtual Photography

    Back in the studio this week working on some new creative composite photoshop techniques combining studio photography and lifelike customisable 3d virtual sets. Personally, I think the result is OK but room for improvement and still have some more work to do on the process. From a photographic production perspective, the shoot dynamics are different […]

  • The Lifeguard

    The Lifeguard

    We had the pleasure of having the beautiful @jordykuriata in the Big Dog Studio last week for her audition for a new livestream show that we are producing for the Australian events, hospitality and tourism industry. AND, like clockwork, the big dog @thehandsomeharold photobombed the shoot to say G’day The new studio live virtual set […]

  • Best Actor Headshots Photographer in Sydney

    Best Actor Headshots Photographer in Sydney

    A simple guide to finding the best actor headshot photographer for your budget A typical scenario – You’re in Sydney and your professional headshot profile photo needs an update so, like most people you search for “Best Actor Headshots Photographer in Sydney?“. The search result is a long list of professional photographers offering professional actor […]

  • The Fairy – Fine Art Black and White

    The Fairy – Fine Art Black and White

    This shoot started out as the third in a series of virtual photography tests – combining typical real-life studio photoshoots into a digitally created 3D landscape. The original creative concept was a fairy in a rainforest. The tech test failed so we opted to shoot “The Fairy”: as a Fine Art Black and White Virtual […]

  • The Sun Temple – Virtual Photography Project

    The Sun Temple – Virtual Photography Project

    This is the second shoot in a series of virtual photography tests – combining conventional digital photography with Unreal Engines virtual production technology and workflows. The challenge here was to see how close we could come to a realistic image and then to explore the creative lighting capabilities within the Engine. The other consideration is […]

  • A Portrait of Patricia⠀

    A Portrait of Patricia⠀

    Portrait Photography – A Portrait of Patricia⠀⠀What’s your art? The stuff that you love to do? – your #Ikigai? ⠀⠀Personally, it’s simply about people and capturing/ creating images and works that create emotion and helps challenge the status quo AND, underneath that instant first impression, a rich pool of digital and data to drive experience […]

  • The Dographer – 📸🐶Happy Birthday Big Harold 🎂⠀

    Scott Maxworthy Photography The Dographer – 📸🐶Happy Birthday Big Harold 🎂⠀⠀Our monster pup and studio mascot / owner of the Big Dog Studio – Handsome Harold had his third birthday yesterday. It would be amiss if we didn\’t celebrate the occassion with a cupcake and dography photoshoot.⠀.⠀.⠀.⠀.⠀.⠀#Birthday,#Dog,#bigdog,#concentration,#cupcake,#dographer,#dography,#focus,#greatdane,#social,#sydneydogs, #sydneydog, #sanssouci, #cronulla, #dogphotograhy, #petphotographer