Actor Headshots Sydney

The science of first impressions

You’ve less than three seconds to make an impression with your headshot so what photo is best?

When it comes to casting, a Casting Agent has hundreds, if not thousands of actors/ models to choose from so it’s very important that your photo maximises your chance of getting the job.

So what are Casting Agents looking for?

I cast TV commercials and look at thousands of photos weekly.

For me first of all the photo needs to be a good indication of what the person looks like… seems obvious I know but so many don’t give us a good idea.

With this in mind things I don’t like:

– too much make up
– filters of any kind
– coloured contact lenses, always make the eyes look a bit dead
– not a big fan of chin resting on hand, always looks a bit contrived and reminds me of Ricky Gervais in the office
– but the thing I hate the most: character shots like actor as a nurse / policeman, or the actor in a different hat or glasses even though they don’t normally wear glasses, these shots just tell me they are inexperienced. 

Things I like:
-natural makeup state
– naturalistic lighting
– at least 1 photo with a natural smile, more inexperienced actors often hide the fact they can’t smile by looking all serious (but we can tell)
– photos which show some of their personality