🎾Champions courtside & the customer experience. I

🎾Champions courtside & the customer experience.
I had the privilege to be invited through my other job to sit courtside at the Australian Open Tennis tournament last night featuring @rafaelnadal & Cilic. Understandingly due to broadcaster rights I wasn’t allowed to take my DSLR (but phones were ok). Incredible athletes whose reaction times, speed & precision left this sports lover in awe & from an event management perspective without fault (tennis pun intended)
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Location: Australian Open

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📹Livestream Internet Video – There’s nothing quit

📹Livestream Internet Video – There’s nothing quite like sport & the power of live social video to create conversation & connect brands with fans. From a club digital media livestreaming perspective we’ve brought tens of thousands of fans closer, showcased the women’s 9s game & provided our brand partners a unique engagement channel.
Congrats to our small production team & that’s a wrap (for now) – 5 home games in 6 weeks!
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Location: Shark Park


Content Strategy – your creative process


Your #creative process? – It takes me at least three pages of writing before I finally tap into the subconscious stream – where the fragments of ideas crystalise & converge to create – a noisey cafe with great coffee the perfect location #script #strategy #content #entrepreneur #innovation #entertainment #sportstech #ideation #marketing #mp #pixlr

Funky Soul – some Tips on Live Band Photography

An email enquiry through – I was asked to shoot some live band shots in an inner City pub. I mentioned to Anthony – one of the guys in the band, as a part-time muso myself I know how hard it is to get good band shots (as I’m usually playing and also our band photographer) and would be keen to do the job.  

A couple of days later the booking was made and gig details provided.  The venue was the Sly Fox Hotel in Enmore on Thursday night – the band “King For A Day” would be on from 8:30PM-10:30PM.  Actually at first I thought the band was called “Underground Bingo” because a search on the web revealed that as the nights listed entertainment event.  

A further search on the Sly Fox says it’s a gay and lesbian bar – OK, this WILL be something different I thought to myself – I had visions of Priscilla Queen of The Desert

Pre preparation:

Like all new photography challenges I like to research to get some best practice tips.   

My most important tip –

  • Get some ear plugs – you’ll be shooting right up the front and often in front of the speaker stack.

  • Camera Ready – before any gig double check all your equipment – lens and cameras checked and cleaned; cards formatted; all batteries charged.  Yes, I was once through a shoot and my spare was completely battery was flat.  

  • Backup – I now take two camera bodies with me for all event shoots – with event gigs (wedding; sports; corporate; band) there’s only one chance to grab the shots and you’re completely stuffed if your camera packs it in mid gig.

  • A good, easy to access, waist camera bag would be great.

The Event

I arrive at the venue at 8PM as the band is setting up and introduce myself.  The room reminds me of the good old Aussie pub stages we had in the 80’s and 90’s.  I use this time to do some test shots to get an idea of exposure.  “Underground Bingo” is the main event – a heavy tattooed, sunnies wearing, terrets afflicted but, often humourous beatboxing bingo caller and a skinny dude in a flash 70’s suit.   The bingo prizes are equally different – a couple of nurf guns, a plant terrarium and an original native indian dinner plate.

While bingo is in full swing we grab some late notice cover shots in the poster spattered alley way behind the pub.  Time is short and I choose a street light as my key light.

M - 2Photo by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia


  • I nearly always shoot in Manual mode – I spot meter the available light; shoot some tests and constantly check shots during the gig  – there’s just too many things that can throw out the camera’s auto functions.  Use your viewer and histogram. Remember the “more light to the right” of your histogram contains the most photo data.

  • Dump the flash and shoot high ISO – it’ll add grain but your flash won’t wash out the stage lights.  You can reduce the noise in post production.

  • Also big apertures – more light but a shallower depth of field. I shot most of the following images at ISO 6400 f/2.8 and 1/90 sec.

  • Shoot RAW.  Warning.  I went a bit crazy and shot nearly a thousand images for this gig – that’s a lot of hard disk space.  Are the shots just going onto the web or will prints be made?  

  • Lens – I’ve my trusty f/2.8 17-35mm wide (on a full frame) and my f/4.0 24-105mm portrait lens.  I’d love a good fast prime lens.

We’re back before the first half of bingo ends “33 – tit’s and arse” says Bingo beat box man.  “Bingo!” cries the young hipster and goes straight for the nerf gun prize.

Now time to shoot.

Creating that Edgy Dramatic Sports Look

We’ve seen the shots, those heavy retouched glowing shots of the star nearly every sports shooter or TV show overlay promo has been using them for the last couple of years.

I first became aware of the “style” through Dave Hills extraordinary and inspirational work.  A Google search will give you lot’s of recipes.

The following image is somewhat in this direction.  


Queensland’s “King” Wally Lewis and NSW Hard man Mark Geyer – eye up again – a reinactment of this classic State Of Origin moment.

MG and the King

Passion drives us to take risks and step outside our comfort zone – it’s hard to believe it was 20 years ago big Mark Geyer fronted up to King Wally Lewis during the 1991 State of Origin.

I love my Rugby League, it’s the game I grew up playing as a kid and into my late teens.  It’s a tough sport – it’s big hits without the pads, it toughens you up and teaches you lessons you don’t always learn is in school rooms (like proof reading). Things like if you throw a punch don’t be surprised to get punched back (and sometimes harder); that team work and common passion drives success.  Back then there was no big pay cheques and cotton-wooling of players in a protected bubble from the real world. 

On the eve of the NRL State of Origin clash between the NSW Blues and the Queensland Maroons – the Cockroaches and Cane Toads, this reenactment of classic Mark Geyer and Wally Lewis stoush – you can see the video here

If you don’t have passion for what your doing then stop wasting time and do something you enjoy.

MArk Geyer and Wally Lewis



Scott Maxworthy is a photographer, CEO of Internet Video Production company CLIVEvideo.com , digital strategy advisor to the St George Illawarra Dragons and long suffering Cronulla Sharks supporter.  You can connect with Scott on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin