Summer Fashion Photoshoots, #LoveJobs, TFP and #Socialmedia Marketing


Summer Fashion Photoshoots, #LoveJobs, TFP and #Socialmedia Marketing

Wednesday before the shoot

Yep, I’d much rather shoot these shots in Bali or on some island in Pacific or Maldives but it’s not to be . Time and budget limits (ie TFP) means our Fashion photo-shoot location will be at our local Sydney beaches of Cronulla or Sans Souci (not that that’s always a  bad thing).

The client  is Naked Buddha Fashion , my partner Kim’s fashion shop at Ramsgate.  The shoot is  one of those #LoveJobs that will give Kim some new shots, me a chance to experiment with some new photography techniques and a TFP arrangement with the model to get new shots for her portfolio.

My model today is the lovely Elise, cheerleader and dancer from the Cronulla Sharks Mermaids.

In a nutshell this shoot should be a WIN WIN WIN for all involved.

The key, like all deals, is making sure all parties understand What’s In It For Them.

Saturday morning

Problem – It’s cold and windy outside – do we cancel? If we do it will be weeks before I get another chance to shoot.

Solution – I’ve been wanting to experiment more with our green screen and compositing images  – we should be able to shoot in the studio, edit out the screen and drop in a beach background.

Fashion photography on location in the studio
Fashion photography on location in the studio

I think the end result achieves the primary objectives.  That is

  • Creating higher level quality social content for the client
  • Model portfolio photos
  • Testing new lighting setups and composite photography techniques
  • Testing social media marketing and whether it increases traffic and sales.


Shooting for web (low resolution) and using the 5D (push ISO very hard) means I can use fixed lights (lower lumins)

  • 1 x Florescent strip lights either side (natural white) with light diffuser sheets
  • 1 x LED video lights both sides to light up legs

The aim of the lighting to replicate the summer sun but also enough cross fill that it’s not too harsh.

Any questions just ask?

The Power of You to Create, Comment and Share


You see the world through unique eyes – sometime minor differences and other times profound.

Your social media profile a crafted persona – your unique eyes and thoughts shared, liked, commented, reposted and re-tweeted.

Your persona your brand – the power to influence.

Does your brand and post connect? – what helps your message spread?

It’s all about you, your expertise and what you say and do.

How will you be known?

The power of you to Create, Comment and Share

The Power of You
The Power of You

I’ve just read Neil Patel’s latest blog post on tips to increase effectiveness so we put it to a quick test.

This post probably would probably sits better on my digital media blog 

Love to know your thoughts?


Which Photo Works Best? Cloud Creative Collaboration

Using online collaboration and social media can dramatically alter the creative decision making process.

Which images works best? We did the shoot today for my old brother Brett’s acoustic guitar gigs. I think some of the images look good but it’s not my opinion that’s matters most – it’s what you like?

I've Got The Music In MePhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

Note: I’ll tidy up some of the exposures once the images have been further short listed.

Using (below) I can quickly share the images online with Brett (and you) just hours after the shoot – dramatically reducing the time we used to spend proofing and shortlisting.     


Love to know your thoughts (please comment below with the filename eg IMG8400.jpg)