Making Nude Photos Bang with High Contrast Black and White Processing Techniques

Today I revisted some old nude photos and lingerie photos and applied this new high contrast black and white technique I’ve been working on to see how they worked (or didn’t).  To be honest I’m not sure if I love these photo or that I’m just getting used to how they look.  A test is to see how well they are liked and repinned on PinIterest.

IMG 8547- EditPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

 I also played with Split Toning on this next shot

IMG 8326- EditPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

Black and white mid tone sharpening of skin tones

We’re all developing our own style and if you look back on your photography over the years you see that it’s a process of constant learning – each shot teaches you something new – whether that’s lighting; directing; composition or post production processing.  For this shot – the focus is on post production mid tone sharpening – to try and create images with a bit more punch.


Glamour Photography

Hi, below is a small sample of my glamour, lingerie and boudoir photography from hundreds of glamour model photos taken over the years.

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Imogen and Twinka

From Wikipedia

Much of what we think today as “normal” will be challenged tomorrow.

This photo was taken in 1974 by Judy Dater – pictured are 91 year old master of portraiture Imogen Cunningham (one of the first and greatest American portrait photographers) and model Twinka Thiebaud.

The photo caused a shock wave in America’s art world which found itself forced to rethink the female nude. It was the first adult full frontal nude photograph published in Life magazine.

Many of the images taken of Twinka at this time are in international private collections and have been shown in galleries and museums around the world, for example, the Uffizi in Florence, Italy and in New York‘s Museum of Modern Art.

It seems amusing that a Jay Lo nipple slip can capture mainstream news. 


We are all naturally attracted by beauty and in the advertising game “sex sells”.  More importantly it’s all about you; marketing and getting results through attraction, creating desire, interest and action (AIDA).  From a maxyphoto point of view that means you subscribing, commenting, sharing/ retweeting, liking, purchasing the print, an inquiry or booking a photo shoot.

Wicked Wednesday’s aims to be a bit more sexier and confronting (but still stylish) – I hope you like it.