Winter Sunrise Seascape (rework) watercolor McMaho

Winter Sunrise Seascape (rework) watercolor
McMahons Maroubra

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Location: Mcmahon Pool Maroubra Beach


Landscape – Stunning misty sunrise over the Bay

Stunning misty sunrise over the Bay.
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Location: Brighton Le Sands Beach


Night After Bushfire

Jack had been awake for the last 48 hours fighting the fires when the wind suddenly picked up and turned from the north-west.  His team raced to re-position between the fire and the homes on the hill.

Jill was in her bedroom getting ready for the local community ball, all she heard was a roar coming over the hill – she raced to the fire bunker.

The Money ShotPhoto by Scott Maxworthy maxymedia

Model: Jac

Back In Bali – looking with new eyes

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This short blog post is about our recent trip back to Bali. We (my loving partner Kim and I), try and get up to Bali at least once a year – it’s close (about a 5 1/2 flight from Sydney), cheap (roughly a third the cost of Sydney living), warm, safe, comfortable and familiar – which is what you want for a pure R&R break.

From a photography point of view this annual trip gives me a chance to see if my photographic style and technique has improved – to try and shoot many of the same things but with different eyes.

As you’ll see some of the shots of done some pretty heavy processing, others I’ve just converted to black and white and some I haven’t had to do a thing.

Bali Accommodation

This time we’re staying in a villa up at Legian, Pondok Ernita – we arrive at around 10PM – the last hour and a bit at the brand new airport they’ve rushed to have ready for the APEC conference.  There’s still a few bugs at the airport to work out!

The villa is nice, big, private and we’re close to the beach, restaurants, bars and shops (important for my Kim).  The cost difference is neglible when you consider the savings of not having to eat and drink out every day. There are basically two villas with a shared pool. My only complaint would be the small television – which is just a minor complaint – honestly I’d be just as happy without a TV on holidays but there are also times when you just want to relax and watch tele after a day of too much sun.  The lovely Marti is our house keeper and keeps everything ship shape while her husband Wyan the gardens and pool beautiful.   We’ve also good wi-fi which is probably the most critical requirement in today’s tech mad world – sad but true.

Bali Beach Dogs

The Bali beach dogs are still here and they are a lot healthier than they were thirty years ago.  Dog lovers like Franci from I Love Bali Dogs feed the pups each day (with the kind support of donations), find them homes (sometimes overseas) and work with sympathetic beach boys and local vets.  The Government is cracking down on beach dogs making sure they have rabies shots.


For many the Bali experience is about the beach, golden sunsets and a cold Bintang. It was the long big tubes of Uluwatu/ Padang Padang that started the initial Aussie surfer invasion way back in the late sixties and seventies.  Today surfing is as much mainstream as is Bali – from the young Aussie grommets on their first overseas surf trip; g-string wearing Euro blokes and babes at “Surf Schools” to grandpa hippies in search of the lost years.


Shooting iconic landmark Tanah Lot is like photographing the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach or The Bridge.  The challenge is how do you shoot so it’s different and striking.  I opted for some long exposures and HDR’s (which nearly got me washed away by a large rogue wave).



The new 12.5 km tollway connects Nusa Dua with the new airport and Sanur cutting travel time my more than 70%

Man time and Women Shopping

I’d drop Kim off at a street full of shops then head down to the nearest beach bar to write.  Several hours later she’d call to be picked up.

Note: If you ever need a bike, car or driver in Bali then highly recommend my friend Forrest at Bali Sriti Car Rental (Facebook link)


Hot August Nights? Not in Australia Buddy

Wasting Away In Paradise
– I was looking for a background for a composite shot I’m working and came across some shots I hadn’t edited last year. Seemed too good not to do something with it.

Bald Hill - Winter NightPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

B - 3Photo by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia


DoorwayPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia


The Essence of Uniqueness – Finding Your Own Style

My partner has headed off overseas for a couple of weeks – that means I can setup my temporary studio and be shooting and editing from 7AM to the wee hours of the morning.

The main objective is to get better at my lighting management; talent direction and post production composite creations.

The work I’m most inspired by right now are Commercial Photographers Dave Hill and Joel Grimes – they have this combination of creative design; technical lighting and Photoshop wizardry of stunning desaturated but high contrast images that I really love.

But, you can’t copy – the thing is you need to develop are your own skills and style and THEN see if there is market demand for that look.

It’s a conumdrum – do your create then market or market a look?  Where’s the opportunity?  Joel Grimes gave a great interview of his success – in essense – we are ALL unique – what you’ve got to do is take that uniqueness to develop your style.

From a business point of view I’ve been trying different styles to see where the market is – from landscapes (no money in that) to actor headshots, lingerie and fine art.  Below are some of the shots so far this week


Modelling shot – Tessa

Tessa - PortraitPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

 Experimenting with tones.

TessaPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia


TessaPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia


Getting more artistic – I’m liking these shots

Behind the MaskPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

Liar BirdPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

Shooting some high constrast black and whites – for the fashion market – the shots are OK but they don’t grab me.
ExposedPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

I think this shot is pretty clich’d and would be in my stock shot bag if I was to focus attention on bodiour and lingerie photography. 

TakenPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia



Just Another Week of Full Moons, Landscapes, Sunrises and Big Boobs

My partner Kim rings me at around 5AM on her way to work – “quick getup the full moon looks fantastic” she says. I stagger out of bed, grab the camera and race off down to the Bay. Brrrr, I forget a jacket and beanie – it’s about 4 or 5C. My camera blinks – battery low, my spare batteries are back at home charging, I manage to get one shot off before the moon totally disappears behind the clouds (to the right) and then my battery dies. Maybe tomorrow.

Moonrise over Captain Cook Bridge

Wednesday – the swell is suppossed to be up, I head down Cronulla – the primary objective to shoot some cloud movement and also look to combine different photograph exposure layers.  I end up shooting some long exposure HDR shots instead.

Mid week sunrise down my local surf beach at Cronulla

Sunrise CronullaPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

Best Seat In The House

Best Seats In The HousePhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

Offshore and Bumpy

Winter WonderlandPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia


Some experiments with compositing, skin tones and paint filters

c - 5Photo by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

I found out last night that an old UK friend of my mum and dad’s tragically died – his death and my mum crying played on my mind all night.  I’d stayed at their homes in Norfolk, London and Paris while I was back packing in my younger days.

This morning – I don’t know why, I felt inspired to shoot the sunrise – maybe that motivation was some sort of sign to tell me how great and wonderful each day can be?

It’s easy to get depressed and feel like life is too hard.  Depression is such a horrible thing, it’s dark and deep like a thick blanket that smothers you – I know (well sort of), it’s only now (after nearly six years) I’m properly dealing with the sudden death of my dad (and best mate).

I remember back then making a decision to stop making excuses and pursue this photography adventure – that life changing moment that tells you to do what you love and don’t worry about the money.  As yes that’s easier said then done with mouths to feed and bills to be paid. 

But, you know what (there’s always a ‘but’)? – most of us somehow manage – it’s part of our DNA – I think we all have a way of escaping and managing grief – for some it’s alcohol and drugs, for others tears and mourning; other music and writing; and for me it’s my photography – this all consuming passion. What makes us stronger. 

Anyway, we press on (no photography pun intended).

RIP Corbet.

Amplectamur diem – Embrace the Day.


L - 2Photo by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

Rock Pools and Baths

It’s funny how we keep returning to the same subjects we’ve been shooting for years.  Looking along the timeline you hopefully see some kind of improvement in technique and style.  Today I find myself on a bit of a rockpool thing but now it’s much more about composition; sharpening; gradient filters in post; long exposures ( 5 minutes or more) but saying that – it’s still all about the beauty of the ocean and the water – that sea salt air in your lungs and the energy of the waves.



Local Landscapes – Ramsgate Beach, Sans Souci, Dolls Point, Brighton Le Sands

I’ve been shooting my local Ramsgate and Sans Souci landscapes for quite a few years and it’s funny how landscapes can either take you to somewhere new or reconnect you a memory from your past.