Sleeping Bull

It’s Thursday morning at 5.30AM here in Sydney, it’s also winter and very cold (well cold by Sydney standards).  Today my biz partner Simon and I are heading down to Boowara to meet up with a potential investor.  Bowarra is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Sydney towards Canberra and about 45 minutes from Yass. 

9:30AM – We arrive at Boowara and head out to the Kenny Creek Angus Stud Farm.  This country used to be nearly all sheep but about 10 years ago the guys here swapped to cattle – developing premium grass fed Angus beef.

We head through the paddock and come across this beautiful big bull – he’s massive, 1250kgs.  Today he’s back in the paddock with the boys after three weeks with the girls doing his job.

What’s really interesting is I shot this pic at about 4 meters away. At first I was shit scared but Sam (the Owner) tells me that their relaxed temperment is bred in.  It means for less stress in the cattle which downstream makes for higher quality meat on your plate.