I thud i daw a puddy cat! ROCKIN WITH STEVIE ANNE

I thud i daw a puddy cat!
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Location: Sans Souci Beach


Baby Photography Tips

Conventional commercial photography and video production wisdom suggests that we should avoid working with kids and animals but to challenge the status quo last weeks photography challenge was to try some pet photography and this week, my inaugural baby photography challenge.  

Enter Deacon, 10 week year old son of Geoff and Tennielle (insert maternity shots).

A couple of pet photography tips are readily applicable to baby photos.

    1. Shoot fast and lots – while baby is active, keep your eye in the viewfinder – the magic shot you’re after can be just a millisecond away.
    2. Prepare and research as much as possible before hand.  From Googling and Youtubing I learnt a highly effective rolled towel techniques and the importance of very soft flashes on newborn baby photography.  http://www.learnmyshot.com/Baby+Photography+Tips+and+Lighting+Setup was a great resource and I employed the double umbrella lighting setup used in this video.

  • Finally, give yourself plenty of time.  Baby is best after a nap, new clothes and something to eat (sounds like most blokes) – in a two hour shoot we got about three x  ten minutes of good baby time in front of the camera – the rest was crying, pooing, sleeping and burping.  Saying that, I’ve never smiled so much editing photos. 
As you will see I mixed up post production techniques a bit – some black and whites and light colour shots for studio setup.

Please find the pics below – I think some of the best shots were the non studio personal shots.  

What's Happening?Photo by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

Who's Ya DaddyPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

Simply BlissPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

I'm watching youPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia