Facebook Offer Marketing – Does It Work?

It’s Friday and I’ve picked up a new client for tomorrow from a Facebook Offer Marketing campaign I’ve just ran for Sydney Portrait Photography.

In less than a day 13,144 people saw the offer; I had 25 Offer claims, 22 of them “friends of fans”.  The campaign generared 208 clicks at $8.21 CPM (Cost per thousand impressions).  Total Spent $105 / $4.66 per Offer Claim.

The real test will be to see how many of those claims convert into bookings and jobs.

Saturday – I arrange to meet Nic 1/2 way between where’s she’s staying at Seaforth and my studio at Sans Souci – Centennial Park is just outside Sydney city.  It’s a great location for a number of reasons 

  1. You’re allowed to take photos.
  2. There’s plenty of beautiful locations
  3. It’s easy to get parking 

Nic says she’d like some fashion type shots; some nice basic portraits and if we have time, some creative experimental shots.

I’ve been experimenting with black and white mid tone sharpening techniques and we agree to focus on this type of style.     

5 D3 6421- Edit EditPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

5 D3 6212Photo by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia

5 D3 6498- EditPhoto by Scott Maxworthymaxymedia


Bella – Don’t Tell Me – Meme’s and images that spread

We’ve all seen the angry cat, dorky guy or instant internet celebrity photos with quick captions that spread across the social media landscape like wildfire.

Unlike video, audio or lot’s of copy, the real power of a photo is that it can deliver a message practically instantly.

Bella, our Great Dane doesn’t like cat photos so she’s lauching her own meme persona.



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Black and white mid tone sharpening of skin tones

We’re all developing our own style and if you look back on your photography over the years you see that it’s a process of constant learning – each shot teaches you something new – whether that’s lighting; directing; composition or post production processing.  For this shot – the focus is on post production mid tone sharpening – to try and create images with a bit more punch.


Sleeping Bull

It’s Thursday morning at 5.30AM here in Sydney, it’s also winter and very cold (well cold by Sydney standards).  Today my biz partner Simon and I are heading down to Boowara to meet up with a potential investor.  Bowarra is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Sydney towards Canberra and about 45 minutes from Yass. 

9:30AM – We arrive at Boowara and head out to the Kenny Creek Angus Stud Farm.  This country used to be nearly all sheep but about 10 years ago the guys here swapped to cattle – developing premium grass fed Angus beef.

We head through the paddock and come across this beautiful big bull – he’s massive, 1250kgs.  Today he’s back in the paddock with the boys after three weeks with the girls doing his job.

What’s really interesting is I shot this pic at about 4 meters away. At first I was shit scared but Sam (the Owner) tells me that their relaxed temperment is bred in.  It means for less stress in the cattle which downstream makes for higher quality meat on your plate.




Rock Pools and Baths

It’s funny how we keep returning to the same subjects we’ve been shooting for years.  Looking along the timeline you hopefully see some kind of improvement in technique and style.  Today I find myself on a bit of a rockpool thing but now it’s much more about composition; sharpening; gradient filters in post; long exposures ( 5 minutes or more) but saying that – it’s still all about the beauty of the ocean and the water – that sea salt air in your lungs and the energy of the waves.