ANZAC Day – Lest We Forget

This Thursday is ANZAC Day – it holds a unique position in the Australian and Kiwi phyche.  Every Aussie, Kiwi or visitor worldwide who has been in an RSL Club at 6PM is awed by the daily ceremony of facing sinking sun and reciting the ode.  One ANZAC Day we thank our Diggers for giving us the freedoms we value most – their all too often supreme saccrifice.



All my photos are available for purchase as limited prints.  The cost/ investment comes down to – 

  1. How big? – Nearly all photos are originally shot in hi-res RAW format which means we can get great resolution up to stretched canvases sizes of 2.8m.
  2. How many?
  3. What material? (fine art paper; canvas; mounts) – my printers are located in Australia (costs a little bit more) but they only use the highest quality production materials and inks.
  4. When?  Wanting something in three days costs more than wanting it in a couple of weeks.

To get a quote just email me or fill in the and I’ll put together a quote.


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Local Landscapes – Ramsgate Beach, Sans Souci, Dolls Point, Brighton Le Sands

I’ve been shooting my local Ramsgate and Sans Souci landscapes for quite a few years and it’s funny how landscapes can either take you to somewhere new or reconnect you a memory from your past. 


Opening Up a Door of Creativity

I don’t know much about the theory of learning except that with practice you seem to get better – well, hopefully get better.  I thnk much of that improvement must come with the knowledge you’ve gained and experience out of just doing more and more work – the end result greater confidence. 

Anyway, I’ve been shooting now for a quiet a few years now but as an artist I don’t think you’re every really 100% happy with your work – the best you can do is just to happy with where you are at this present time.

Case in point is that as Photographer masting Photoshop  equal to that of an Accountant and a spreadsheet or a writer and a word processor.

I’ve continued to spend time to develop my Photoshop post production skills for I know somewhere in this combination of technology and photography I will define my unique style.

Here are some recent works – the major new learning has been the use of gradient layer blend modes and sharpening.  


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