Canon EOS Photo5 2012 Competition – Part I

Over the last five years Canon Australia puts on a photography competition called “The World of EOS – EOS Photo5”.  It’s open to amateurs and semi pros (up to around $45K revenue from memory)

Once accepted into the competition (either previous competitor or submit Brief 1) Canon then send out a little brown box with the 5 creative briefs (see video).

 The challenge is to answer the 5 briefs with the most creative and imaginative images you can think of

September 19 – My little brown box appeared .  I remember I was on my way out to a meeting and such was my Xmas kid like excitement that I decided not to open the box till later so that my mind wouldn’t be distracted.

Three hours later and with a clear mind I’m in my local coffee shop opening up the box. 

I love that feeling of a brief and blank canvas on which to create.

This year the briefs being

  • One – Wind – Open Brief
  • Two – Spagetti – Portraiture
  • Three – Tissue Paper – Strong Colour
  • Four – Little People – Scale
  • Five – Fishing Wire – Black and White

Analysing the Brief 

Where do you start?

The easy thing is just to grab the camera and shoot but there’s not too much strategy in that – the “just do it” approach relies on a combination of instinct, a bit of luck and your skills.  

The other approach is really think about it – to fully read the brief, research and understand your goal before you press the trigger.  To read about the judge, look at their website, understand who your audience is and what they are looking for – to seek inspiration – to ask what images first come to mind and what message are you trying to convey – to experiment with ideas then put them on the shelf to breathe for a bit.

October 6th.  

It seems there’s a constant negotiation that goes on between your creative mood (are you happy with the shot) and the available time.  A painter friend of mind thinks this has something to do with the lunar cycle or our biorhythms 

I’ve managed to shoot a couple of briefs so far and with just over a week to go I’m under the pump.

You can see all my submissions here