Business Portrait Pre-shoot tips and advice

Great business portraits will put a face to your business, leave your clients and prospects with a positive impression and help you differentiate from your competition.

Below are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your corporate portrait photo-shoot.

What clothes should I wear?

The images will be used to represent you and/or your company so you need to dress accordingly. You’ll want to wear professional business attire that is classic and timeless so you can use your photos for years to come. Men should wear a suit jacket, sweater, or a nice dress shirt.

Women should wear a blouse or a tailored jacket. It is best to wear long sleeve shirts for your portrait. Long sleeves are much more flattering on arms than short.

You also want to be somewhat comfortable in what you’re wearing or your picture will look stiff and unnatural. But be aware of clothing that wrinkles easily as that will look sloppy and unprofessional.

What colors photograph best/worst?

Solid colors photograph best, and most people look good in midtones (green, blue, brown, etc.). Avoid white and colors that approximate your flesh tones (this might be beige, tan, or very pale peach, pink, and gray).

Avoid wearing clothing with patterns or accessories that distract from your face. Very bright reds, yellows and oranges can also be distracting.

Should I wear jewelry?

Jewelry can be a great accessory to your outfit, but should not distract from your face. Less is usually more. Necklaces look best when they are shorter and mimic the neckline of your shirt.

How much makeup should I apply?

If a make up artist and/or stylist is not included in your shoot then wear what you would for a nice evening out. Well done, but not overdone. Avoid overly glossy or shimmery makeup as it will catch the light and be distracting. If you normally don’t wear makeup, your pictures will look better if you at least wear foundation. This will help even out your skin tone. Bring extra powder as you’ll want to reapply during the shoot to avoid shine.

What are the best backgrounds for a business portrait?

The most important thing to consider in a background is that it doesn’t distract from your portrait. It should complement your clothing and colors. Solid colors or a neutral colored textured background are always classic. Bright colors can work for a younger, more vibrant portrait, but I’d recommend doing another neutral background as well just in case. If you are having your portraits outside your photographer should be able to suggest appropriate backgrounds away from objects that would distract the eye from your face.

What kind of a picture will I receive from the photographer?

You’ll receive a high resolution digital copy from the photographer to use for your business.

Will I own the rights to my image?

The photographer retains the image copyright but we grant unlimited permission to use your image for business purposes. Sometimes these rights cost extra, but sometimes the rights will be given to the client as a part of the portrait session fee. Be sure to ask about this before you book your sitting.

Are there any restrictions on how I can use my business portrait?

Some photographers restrict Web use vs. printed use and have separate fees for each. Some have a one-time use fee while others have a fee that gives you unlimited use of the image. This all depends on the photographer. recommend arranging for unlimited use of your image. You’ll want to plaster your image everywhere, and it’s a major hassle to contact the photographer every time you want to re-use your business portrait. Just suck it up, pay the fee, and be done with it. You’ll be glad you did.

We grant unlimited permission to use your image for business purposes

How many different poses should I purchase?

Depending on available time we recommend purchasing 2-3 poses. Having options is always a good thing. Photo sessions are expensive and take time, so if you can get a few different portraits that you can use, it could save you time and money in the future.

So, if I change outfits or backgrounds during my photo shoot, I should buy multiple images, right?

Right. Even if you don’t change outfits, a change in the lighting or in your expression can make a photo completely different. It is helpful to have a range of photos to use for your business. Perhaps vary the use of each photo, using one for your Website and another on your social networking pages.

I’m not photogenic. Do you retouch business portraits so I can look my best?

Most photographers do basic retouching on your business portrait without an additional fee. This can be anything from removing blemishes, reducing under-eye circles, brightening eyes, whitening teeth, reducing wrinkles, etc. If your photographer doesn’t retouch and it is important to you, you could get permission from the photographer to send it to a professional retoucher. Retouching fees range from $10-$25 for basic retouching. 

Any questions please send us a note.