Risking The Doghouse Again!

In the doghouse...again

When we were young there was no Internet or phones with cameras – what happened on tour stayed on tour.  

Today, though the combination of camera equipped smartphones and social media what happens in Vegas shares on Facebook.

There are an estimated 30 billion photos uploaded to Facebook per year.  We’ve all been warned!

You can be in the Doghouse before you even get home.  Doghouse Merchandise Shop

Our beautiful old boy – “Basil” the Bull Mastiff in the doghouse (every bloke’s been there).  This is one of the first shots I took when I purchased my first DSLR – an Olympus E-330 way back in September 30, 2006 – the day before my first holiday in years – (Kim and I off to Bali).  Actually I was “in the dog house” for buying a new camera but years later one of the best things I’ve ever done.

What is very pleasing is that this shot was also one of the first I uploaded via photo sharing website Flickr.com way back then – you see before the Internet revolution unless you were a professional photographer most of your photos were only seen by a few.   Today this shot has had over 21,500 views on Flickr.  As mentioned above there are billions of photos uploaded to Facebook per year and the next video revolution is not far behind.

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