Attention is Scarce (3/52)

You’ve only one chance to make a first impression – that first 15 seconds is where someone makes a Blink of a decision on whether they want to buy.

In a highly fragmented rich information world viewer attention is scarce and valuable.

A young couple window walking along a subway station

We’ve changed the RSS feeds into Facebook and Twitter to now come from these posts and will test different publishing schedules do see which times generate the most amount of activity.  

The Proposal (2/52)

It’s about permission based marketing and foresight – what’s your world look like in 5, 10, 25 years?

This 2nd image in the campaign for the new website (a photo and blog per day) features good mate Lanny and her fiance Bern shot at Hype Park in the City 

Today, with you, the customer at the centre of the digital universe, permission from you is what businesses need to understand about the digital/ information revolution we are currently in.

Every website is a proposal – a decision we make whether to subscribe; follow; comment; like or buy.

A quick look at yesterdays web stats – 3 visitors, 6 visits, 25 page views – most of those visits probably me. A quick look at Facebook – still 360 fans – this needs to get to 1,000.  A look at my RSS feeds and email subscribers – wooo hoo – 2 RSS readers – that’s interesting and I’ll keep an eye on it.   

A young man proposes marriage to a girl in the park

Home Is Where The Heart Is (1/52)

An old Chinese proverb says that a thousand mile journey starts with the first step – like when Bilbo Baggins opened his door or when Justin Bieber first picked up a guitar.  A decision is made to do something – to start and see where it goes.

Believe me this choice of photo and the sequence has been completely random – in hindsight I’d have mapped out a storyline and selected images to convey those key points – but I suppose it still works.  This image – it’s about belonging to a tribe and passion – where your heart is….ok, cut the bullshit, it’s all about swimsuits, bikini models and big boobs.  

From the original series (below)
was taken back a couple of years ago when I first decided to head down this photography road.  As a new photographer you’ve got to explore and continually experiment every genre – from your landscapes through to your nudes – it’s like a sponge absorbing information, a traveller with their eyes open.  


Sandy was a air hostess friend of a friend who wanted some shots.  I look at the shot now and to me it’s now flat (not the model – the lighting) and the pose a bit cliche’d, but again in hindsight who cares – that’s the nature of the Australian beach spirit – it’s a confidence and the image is true to its form (if that makes sense).

Yes, the skin has been retouched and in the above image I played with some filters in Photoshop to try and create a hand painted effect.  The certainly more on that later as we look at the surrealist nature of photographer (whoa – slow down there buster – let’s get the basics down first before we start delving into all that sort of stuff).

Ok, enough for now.  Let’s see how this article works from a SEO and social media marketing point of view, ie how it engages with you and spreads.



First Blog – Photography Website Development

Hi and welcome to the new maxyphoto website. This website has been nearly 30 years of personal photography in the making – since my first camera as a young kid a long time ago.

Anyway, this is the first blog entry (and a test) as I’m still pulling the website together – the unofficial official launch in the next month or so.  

Instead of a photographic “journey” I’m treating it as an adventure! 

To get things moving I’ve spent the last few days going through thousands of photos taken over the last four years, shortlisting them and then editing for the home page image slide show.   I hope it looks OK?  

The aim was to grab a good variety but also focus on the direction I plan to take my photography (and you with me) as we explore – mainly portrait, fashion, travel and artistic black and white photography.

I’ll be adding other elements as we progress but in this first instance I’m happy to get this shell up and running and we take it from there.

Thanks heaps for your time – it’s much appreciated and while on thanks I need to give a big one to my beautiful partner Kim and my friends, family and customers for love and support as we head down this road .  

Cheers and all the best

Scott Maxworthy